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Sustainable exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals powering the transition to a low carbon future

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Green Platform project awarded NOK 70.8 million (Norwegian)

Volcanic rocks on coast


ADEPTH Minerals AS is founded by an experienced team with complementary experience from geoscience and subsea operations. We are based in Bergen, Norway, where there is a strong professional environment with the University in Bergen in front on deep sea minerals, together with a cluster of subsea companies developing the next generation of sustainable ocean technology. 

ADEPTH Minerals mission is to find and extract commercial deep sea minerals through sustainable marine operations using new technology with low carbon intensity and by integrating big data and artificial intelligence for prospect analysis and risk assessment.

ADEPTH Minerals believe we can play an important and positive role in powering a broad-based structural transition to a more climate-neutral economy by performing sustainable exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals required in the production of renewable energy.

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  • Minerals (including copper, zinc and cobalt) are thus a crucial enabler of the transition to a more climate neutral economy.

  • A low-carbon future will be mineral intensive as clean energy technologies need more materials than fossil-fuel-based electricity generation technologies (World Bank)
    •    The transition to a more climate neutral economy is expected generate a doubling of installed wind power, 4 times as many solar parks and 40 times higher production of electric cars by 2030 (IEA)
    •    New clean energy technologies will require large investments in mineral intensive electrified infrastructure (grid)  (World Bank / IEA) 




Deep sea minerals will be an important contributor to a carbon-neutral economy. ADEPTH Minerals will explore and produce minerals with the least environmental and societal impact as possible.

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ADEPTH Minerals is developing a digital platform for efficient and traceable handling of all available data relating to exploration and extraction of minerals

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We in ADEPTH Minerals have expertise within resource estimation. We will develop our pilot model and integrate it into the digital data management platform. This will enable us to perform resource estimation of deep sea mineral deposits in a much better and more concise way, and thus reduce uncertainty in all decisions relating to exploration and extraction of marine minerals.



ADEPTH Minerals have expertise in developing and operating bespoke and state-of-the-art equipment for exploration of deep sea minerals. Our operations will always aim to minimize the direct seabed footprint to avoid habitat removal or damage – and use new technology to limit noise, vibrations and changes in light for marine species.



ADEPTH Minerals will utilize its unique competence base and network to develop strong collaboration with research departments at relevant Universities, government bodies and industrial players. This is crucial for continued development of how we explore and extract deep sea minerals in a sustainable manner - powering the transition to a climate-neutral economy.

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Our team
The ADEPTH team has varied backgrounds as scientists, environmentalists, engineers and entrepreneurs who are aiming to create a leading deep sea mineral company powering the transition to carbon- neutral economy.


Dr. Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt

CEO & Co-Founder

Structural geologist with 10 years experience from the Norwegian continental shelf and Santos Basin, Brasil. Broad technical and cross disciplinary experience from the oil and gas industry, especially within exploration.

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Hans Petter Klohs

Executive Chairman and Co-founder

Entrepreneur with more than 20 years senior executive management experience from the energy sector comprising seismic, subsea, drilling, exploration and production. Extensive experience from business development, M&A, corporate finance and risk management. Holds a MPhil in International Finance, BSc in Economics and BSc in Business Administration.

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Alden Denny

Senior Explorationist and Geologist

Marine critical mineral resource specialist with extensive experience allong the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge system, including his study sites for ongoing PhD work on autonomous exploration. Outside of the NCS he has a strong background in global marine mineral resources as an observer delegate to the International Seabed Authority and workshop convener at the 2019 Underwater Mining Conference.

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Werner Svellingen

CTO & Co-founder

Geologist with a long experience from the oil and gas industry in Norway. Werner holds a MSc in geology, as well as a MBA from Harvard and MIT.

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Lars-Kristian Lunde Trellevik

Advisor - Sustainable Operations

Ultra-Deepwater project and operations expert. 15 years onshore and offshore industry experience in survey/exploration, salvage, and autonomous operations where innovation has been the pivotal success criterion. Master in System Dynamics and currently PhD Fellow in System Dynamics. Undergrads in Geography, Geographical Information Science and Sustainable Development.

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Solveig Adine Osjord


Currently working as a part time Geologist in Adepth, while finishing her MSc in Geochemistry at The Centre for Deep Sea Research at UiB. She discovered her interest for deep sea minerals through her masters project that focuses on hydrothermal vents along the Arctic Mid Ocean Ridges (AMOR). Through her time at UiB she has gained experience from a research expedition at the AMOR. 

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Jon Inge Pedersen

Technology director, Deepwater in Deep Ocean

Electronics Engineer with more than 25 years experience within offshore operation and senior management positions in offshore related companies. He has the responsibility of planning, equipment development, coordination and project management related to the research expedition to be executed by Adepth/UiB and partners in 2023.


Christian Aas

Advisor - subsesa technology and operations

Expert in subsea operation & technology 15 years of experience from seabed operations in the North Sea and "worldwide". Experience from design, development, construction and operation of various types of underwater machines. Participated in several modification and development projects related to the development of equipment for operation in deep water.

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Dr. Bjarte Hellevang

Dr. Bjarte Hellevang

Board Director and Co-Founder

Electronics Engineer with more than 25 years experience within offshore operation and senior management positions in offshore related companies. He has the responsibility of planning, equipment development, coordination and project management related to the research expedition to be executed by Adepth/UiB and partners in 2023.

Board Director and Co-Founder

Research activity (PhD) from Mohns og Knipovich ridges (2000-2004) and published more than 10 scientific publications focused on geodynamics and petrology. Developed expert knowledge on resource calculations and held senior manager positions in service and energy companies.

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Øyvind Mikaelsen

Board Director

Øyvind  Mikaelsen works as CEO of Deep Ocean. He has 30 years of experience in the global subsea business holding various senior executive roles. He holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Trondhjem in Norway.


Frode Garlid

Board Director

CFO in Deep Ocean. He has a long experience within finance and operations in the oil and gas industry, holding various senior executive roles. Frode holds a Master of Arts within Honours in Economics Science & Finance from the University of Aberdeen in 2001, and law  studies from the University of Bergen. In addition, he has attended the Executive Education at The Wharaton School of University of Pennsylvania.

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Working Together

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