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Open position

Norway is in a unique position with potentially large resources of critical minerals in the deep sea, which can become a significant new industry here and worldwide. Adepth Minerals is built to find and extract these resources. That is why we are now investigating data from all over the world to learn and understand: where are the largest resources that can be extracted with the least impact?

Do you want to contribute to the journey ahead?

At Adepth Minerals we are growing our talent base and are interested to hear from you! Please feel free to send us your CV to We are especially looking for colleagues who have experience and competence in:

  • Terrestrial or offshore mining industry

  • Geoscience, especially those familiar with exploration and/or mineral systems modelling

  • Sustainability, especially if you have experience in both investigating the ecosystem in the deep sea, or worked with minimizing impact in offshore operations

If you also have experience managing large projects that can be very relevant.  

Positions will be available from early 2023, please stay tuned.

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